Thursday, January 17, 2008

The zen of tenpin bowling

I participated in my first competition of the year today. As happens every time, it's been a long break, I've gained weight, and I'm out of touch.

It took a call from an enthusiastic collegiate girl to shake me out of my laziness (and specifically, window-shopping) and at least start some practice, the last weekend. There wasn't much to expect from me in terms of performance, but, it's always amazing how the game grips you once you start off.

I reached late and I missed the practice frames, but started off with a strike. Hm, not too bad. Ooh, the right side spares work too. But oh, the hook ball ain't getting off the hand so well. 133, and then a 169 and you would say, things are getting better for a first competition. Sure they did - a fantastic 98 followed. Bah!

Right, so things follow up on:
- Find and make time to play
- Increase right wrist and finger strength so as to be able to hold the ball
- Bend!
- Follow through!
- Get rid of the dropping sound!


Payal said...

I'm pretending a lot of things up there made sense. ;P I want to try bowling, but am afraid that I might chuck myself down the alley (or whatever you call it) and the ball will remain where it is.

Allons-y! said...

oh hey i can take you!

Wribhu said...

A sub-100 is not done in your case !