Friday, January 18, 2008

The attack of the shop-person

So, how familiar is this scenario:

You walk into a deparment store, hoping to browse through all their stuff, leisurely try out the various stuff they have on display, find that one thing that really gets your fancy, and walk out having made that perfect purchase.

But, what's this? Suddenly you find yourself hurrying just that little bit, suddenly you feel something boring into the back of your head. Suddenly you feel pressure.

And then you realise, there's a shop person on your tail. Trailing you every step you take. Literally.


Am sure there are some guidelines somewhere on the right etiquette for shop-persons. Tailing prospective customers within less than an arm's length is just not cricket.

1 comment:

Payal said...

The funny thing is, when you ask these people something, they prove to be totally useless.

Makes you wish an Auton would come to life and shoot them through the forehead >:[