Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Idiot Box Journal

Today was a busy day for prime time TV. I made it back from a hectic office day literally at the very minute Heroes Season 2 kicked off on Star World.

I'd enjoyed most of season 1, till the damp squib of the finale, where, rather predictably, Sylar disappeared mysteriously; rather dramatically, the Petrelli brothers zoomed off to a suicidal sacrifice, Hiro Nakamura zoomed off to ancient Japan; and the rest, rather apparently, were left to pick up the pieces and move on. The start of season 2 picked up the stories of Hiro and his Takezo Kensei, Kaito Nakamura and Ando, Matt Parkman, Claire and Noah Bennet, Dr. Mohinder Suresh and the Petrellis (yeah the brothers survived, would you believe it), while introducing three new potential 'heroes'. Doubtless we'll be hearing more about the other characters from season 1, and be introduced to more new ones.
While the WGA strike has affected completion of season 2, this season was apparently anyway broken down into two parts, and they finished the first part before the strike, er... struck. So hopefully we'll get to follow a full story arc.

Brothers & Sisters
Just two sentences - I can't stand Holly Harper. Calista Flockhart can do a good drunk.

Plot: Take a fistful of diseases, pop them into a young orphaned man, and have his orphaned siblings act all cute and worried. Eh, what's new. Make House's life worse by making him pine for painkillers, and having a mad cop on his tail. Feel sorry for Wilson.

MTV Imported and Non-Stop Hits
To keep me company while I work on this blog.

And then it was time to sleep.

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