Thursday, January 17, 2008

The zany words Doctor Who added to my lexicon

  1. Raxacoricofallapatorious
  2. Bingle-bongle dingle-dangle yikkidee-do yikkidee-da ping-pong lipi-tapi-tuta (Although, I should really attribute that to David Tennant, not the Doctor)
  3. Allons-y! (Hence the alias, Allons-y!)
  4. Timey-Wimey! (Hence the... oh, you know!)
  5. Dalekanium (not Dalek, Dalekanium)
  6. The Mighty Jagrafess of the blah-bluh-tongue-twisted-blah
  7. Pash-Pash
  8. Ontological paradox (While the Doctor never really used that term, he nearly always creates an Ontological Paradox! What's an Ontological Paradox? Read about it here)

Do add!

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