Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bangalore Traffic needs some Gandhigiri

With two wheelers thinking they have the right to the pavements over pedestrians, buses thinking they can change lanes at will, cars honking in bumper to bumper traffic (really guys, what do you achieve with that?!), it's sad to see the rapid degeneration of basic manners.

These folks quite frankly deserve a thrashing, but I suspect that will throw up no results.

I'd rather they were rounded up and displayed in a public forum for a 'mock applause'!


Payal said...

I wonder what it says about you that your first and only category is GRRR - Rants and Raves...


Allons-y! said...

...that certain things really make me boil
...that at least i finally started on a blog
...that there (hopefully will be more to come?

Payal said...

How about, in keeping with the theme, some detailed episode discussions? I know it's been done to death, but still ;-)

Or you could discuss other TV things!

Allons-y! said...

all in good time... meanwhile, Shush!

temujin said...

Ahh.. I see this site leaning towards more 'alien' topics!