Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bittersweet bowling

Following on from my earlier post on some terrible bowling, happy to report a much better progress over February.

We had a local league wherein there was a women's section too. Didn't do myself much favours the first two weekends, but then an inspired burst (if I may say so myself!) on the third weekend with one score of 230 saw me squeeze into the next round, with a 6 block average of 175, as also with a pulled ring finger.

That next round was another heart stopper, more on account of me doing rather badly the first five games. I needed 160 in the last game to move to the top three (for the final round), and I had not scored about 155 the previous five games.

I put in a 194. Phew. Into the top three, assured of a prize. Fancied myself a shot at the second spot.

To be honest, that final round turned out to be a bit of a comedy of errors for both the second placed player and myself, both trying to outdo the other in playing badly. In the end, I remained where I was, position three. Average of 155 over 36 games. To be honest, I'll take that for now.

But that experience sure put the fun back in bowling for me. Last weekend we had another trial game of 6 games, where I managed a 174 average.

Next task - Consistency. No point letting a high of a 230 be offset by a 130 and then claim a high average!

(Oh ah, and published in the papers too! That's me on the extreme right.)

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