Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lead India, Change India

I last spoke rather disparagingly about the Lead India campaign. Oh no, am not about to retract anything.

RK Misra turned out to be the winner, and to be honest, maybe the TOI got it somewhat right (well, at least better than what I mentioned in that earlier post) in being able to provide a public platform to the deserving chap.

Googling for what he's up to now isn't exactly productive. His dream scheme was to implement a dairy farm (or was it something to do more with cattle?) in his village in UP. Nothing much has been heard about that (probably the legal and accounts departments sorting out the paperwork before the money is disbursed), but he has been vocal on the one thing Bangalore is currently scared of - the new International Airport.

But I digress - here's something that may actually interest you. Mr. Misra has started a site called Change India ( where he invites public participation in the implementation of new schemes as well as the suggestion of new schemes. If you suggest a new scheme, he promises that someone will get in touch with you in 30 days. I'm toying with the idea of proposing doing something about the ridiculous traffic etiquette in Bangalore.

But, guess what the lead story on the homepage of Change India is - Bangalore Airport!

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