Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been without a single DVD of Doctor Who for about a month now. Major withdrawal symptoms.

Taken to watching Bionic Woman and a bit of Bones. Bowling sessions take up some evening time.

But I want the Doctor back! I wanna see nanogenes and dancing and applegrass and cybermen and daleks and Shakespeare!


Payal said...

Fine, fine, hint taken! Let's hook up somewhere this weekend so you can have your DVDs back.

By the way, I'm quite Doc-deprived too. I want to see HN/FoB and the Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords finale! Oh, and Shakespeare, and The Girl in the Fireplace, and those eppies with the Oods, and Rose's glowie badwolf-ness, and... *runs out of breath*

Allons-y! said...

Someone's craving for S3 :)

I know, I know - it had better stories...

Payal said...

It did, didn't it? Oddly, I didn't like S3 so much when I saw it... though I like some of the S2 stories a lot too - G in the F, the double of Impossible Planet/Satan's Pit, and the finale (Rose is coming back! Yay!).

Ah, and of course, I love the Ninth Doc too. Stupid stories, but who cares ;)

Temujin said...


aah the phoenician doctor cravings rise up again!

Well the doc has had a change of orientation and is now in the company of a new partner (albeit temporarily! and poor subsitute I might say, who does not understand much of the doc anyways ;) )

So organise for a tardis so the doc can travel back to banglore soon (and I daresay avoid all these traffic troubles - air and otherwise, as well!)