Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yup, have been away a loong time, haven't I? The usual story, doing this and that, yada yada yada, so let's leave it at that.

Payal has been on my case to restart the blog so well, this post is dedicated to her. Whatever I can churn out in this post...

Sooo... what have I been up to... Well mostly, bowling, of course. We'll leave that one for later. The other interest I seem to have got now is balcony gardening. Bought a ton of plants in January, mostly during the Lalbagh flower show, and then got obsessed for a bit watching them grow. Trouble is, obsession wasn't accompanied by much knowledge, as a result quite a few of them have gone the scraggly route :(. But they're still fighting, that's the spirit.

Maybe I'll introduce them bit by bit later on. Give me some excuse to coming back to write!

Meanwhile, here is the latest photograph of the balcony corner. It's a night shot.

See the empty pots in the right corner? Hmmm, time for another visit to a nursery.

Speaking of which, I did stroll into one today in Jeevan Bima Nagar. It's an interesting one, run by an association / NGO for the disabled, who are trained in horticulture. Nice idea. In fact, had bought quite a few plants from them during the January flower show. However, while the nursery was very well laid out - very spacious, I must say - I have to also admit that quite a few plants did not look very good. There were some geraniums that drooped, and quite a few had holey leaves. Nonetheless, I did see some good packs of Blue Daze that had me very interested, but I ended up holding back. I do hope to see them at the August flower show, and will pick up something then.

Maybe will take the empty pots along and drop in to the Koramangala nursery on the way back from paying the electricity bill at Bangalore One...

Ramble over. Toodle-oo.