Saturday, October 25, 2008

Human Nature - how did the Tardis integrate John Smith?

I have a HN/FoB collage as my desktop wallpaper. Quite a work of art courtesy Picasa, if I say so myself!

Seeing the storyline on the desktop nearly everyday, it's got me wondering - so it's all right that the Chameleon Arch began transforming the Doctor to John Smith, but what actually happened once the conversion was done?

Did the TARDIS magically integrate them into the village? One minute, in the TARDIS, poof, next moment John Smith is teaching history?

Or did John Smith get up in the TARDIS and look around and say 'Where am I?', leaving Martha (in what must have still been an inprobable dress for John Smith) to improvise?

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Payal said...

I think it's one of those things conveniently glossed over because there are too many questions. ;-) But yeah, I think logically speaking it must have been up to Martha. What the Tardis must have done is provide a background story. Oh and also, what if the John Smith was a little woozy and spaced out, and was not really tuned into what was happening, so all Martha had to do was arrive with him and their things, etc.?

Allons-y! said...

So... if JS was woozy and spaced out, he'd look up around the TARDIS and go 'What in Shakespeare's name is this place?'. And see Martha dressed 21st century style, cover his eyes and say 'Excuse me, miss?'

Payal said...

Well, no, I meant, he might have been too woozy and spaced out even for that! Or Martha could hit him on the head make him pass out and later say he was dreaming. He did have dreams of his "past" after all.

Oh, and using Flock, I see :-)